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This site is designed for any Microline Reverse Osmosis System owner seeking replacement OEM filters, membranes and parts for their system. We also offer the next generation Microline Reverse Osmosis systems! Please browse are product categories shown on the left. You may order items by Part Number, System Model or Replacement Sets! If you can't find what you're looking for, please email us at and we'll find it for you!

Consumer alert! Many stores offer products that state they are Microline replacement parts. Rest assured that 100% of the products we offer are original equipment manufactured by Clack Corporation. We sell no off-brand or so-called compatible substitutes.

EXTRA SAVINGS on Replacement Sets! All of our Replacement Sets are discounted 10% compared to ordering the filters and membranes separately!

MORE SAVINGS on Orders over $100!! You'll automatically receive 10% off when your order subtotal (before shipping) is $100.00 or more! That's potentially up to 20% off our already low prices!!! (New system purchases and RO Booster Pumps are not included in this offer).

Sample pricing of our Products!
S70115 micron CTA pre-sediment filter$4.25
S7025CTA/TFC post-carbon$9.25
S7028TFC pre-sediment/carbon filter$14.00
S7206W6" Inline post-carbon (threaded)$10.50
S7206W-JG6" Inline post-carbon (tube)$13.50
S1224RSCTA 14gpd membrane$49.00
S1227RSTFC 25gpd membrane$55.00
S1229RSTFC 50gpd membrane$60.00
CTA 14gpd Set of 3 (10% off!)S7011+S1224RS+S7025$56.25
TFC 25gpd Set of 3 (10% off!)S7028+S1227RS+S7025$70.43
TFC 50gpd Set of 3 (10% off!)S7028+S1229RS+S7025$74.93

Orders are accepted through this site's cart system, mail or fax. Please see the Contact Us link at the top of this page for address and fax information.

We accept Visa and Mastercard as well as checks and money orders.

Sales tax is charged on orders shipping to Ohio only.

We offer a 90 day money back guarantee for all unopened and unused items.

Got questions? Email us at

If you're looking for any other type of residential or commercial water treatment products from Water Softeners to UV Disinfection Systems, please visit our friends at the Ohio Pure Water Company.

We appreciate your visit today and look forward to serving you.

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